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Static Aestetic Rehabilitation Arm

From the collaboration between “Give Me An Hand” and “Pent4silea” we created S.A.R.A. (Static Aestetic Rehabilitation Arm)the aesthetic prosthesis that helps amputee children during the first steps of rehabilitation.

S.A.R.A. in entirely made using 3D printing technology. It’s also designed to improve compliance with rehabilitation therapy and acceptance of a future myoelectric prosthesis. Thanks to “Give Me An Hand” we have been able to work directly on the mold of the stump of the little patient. Starting from this plaster cast, we were able to recreate 3D scanned model of the stump.

Thanks to the scan files and our database, we have recreated the entire missing limb by getting shapes and size as close as possible to the contralateral limb. Finally, using 3D printing technology, we have recreated an aesthetic prosthesis adapted to the anatomical needs of the patient. Everything was printed using special materials, certified for skin contact and provided by 4DoItaly: an Italian company leader in precision 3D printing applied to biomedical world.

To provide a static aid before the adoption of a functional prosthesis is really important. The Pent4silea’s team of specialists, in accordance with the guidelines of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, sustain that the first step towards the adoption of a myoelectric prosthesis is the adoption and the acceptance of a purely aesthetic aid. This prothesis also has the function of improving posture, improving the motor pattern and propioception in space.

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