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Mirah – Motor stall protection

Working to validate the micro board we want to integrate to measure current consumed by the motor H-Bridge, it is a breakout module based on INA169, I had to wait for the 0.5 Ohm resistor in order to be able to monitor the correct value of current. The reference schematic circuit is the following

The following formula calculates the IS current flowing through the circuit

With a 3.3V VCC reference, using a 0.5 Ohm resistor for RS the max current measured by the circuit is about 660mA that is an adequate value considering motor stall consumption is a little bit above 400mA (the expected range would be between 0 and about 2V).

Testing the modified breakout board

Test was successful, so we can proceed with the integration on the Rev. 3 hardware board, in this version we have also added a new dedicated 6V voltage regulator to drive with the appropriate voltage the H-Bridge/Motor.

Board Rev. 3
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