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Technology for baby humans

Pent4Silea is born from an idea of some of the founders of Energy Family Project willing to help families and children with amputations and agenesis with the aim to address their needs, the project is led by Energy Family Project jointly with 4DoItaly and it foreseen the collaboration of Open BioMedial Initiative, Give me a Hand and several other individual volunteers.

Our mission is to develop free of charge, open source, affordable technology for prosthetic hands and tools that can be built with standard technologies, including 3D printing, and that can be accessible to a wider range of people that usually are excluded from the access to this kind of aids due to the difficulties to get funds and to pay for expensive commercial products.

Genuine approach to improve people's live


Children are the future, we make their present easier


We work for child size, cheap, prothesic solutions


From the scanning to
the 3D printing process.

and Materials

Research is the basis of our work, it is done by volunteers, but the approach is rigorous and we study hard and deepen every detail so that our ideas can become something really useful for our children.


Meet the Team!

Our Partners

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